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The number of children born with disabilities is increasing at an alarming rate, and organizations like TERI are needed more than ever. We take that responsibility with seriousness, compassion, and enthusiasm. As a leader in this important field, we continually look to new research and therapies as the foundation for our evolving programs, services and facilities. We are honored to serve the special needs community since 1980, and are proud that we are regarded as a beacon of excellence.

Our new Campus of Life, in San Marcos, CA, embodies TERI’s present and future. This extraordinary facility will be home to TERI’s growing portfolio of programs and is intended to bring all people to the Campus learning and working side by side. We believe in a world that looks at people with special needs and recognizes and respects their gifts and appreciates their humanity. Our plan is to create that kind of special environment at the Campus. When this becomes a reality, we all win.

Our future goals also include sharing our Campus of Life model with the world. TERI has been recognized internationally as a model for the highest standard of care and has trained and advised in 14 countries. With vast resources and innovative technology, TERI will offer our model and research to more organizations and families than ever for replication here and across the world. TERI’s therapeutic and educational model programs, sustainability initiatives, and certificate training programs will also be open for partnership with researchers from national and international universities and institutes.

This is a movement that just can’t be ignored. Join us!

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