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Education Opportunities

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"The only disability in life is a bad attitude."

~ Scott Hamilton

TERI leads the industry with model special education programs in the San Diego, California area serving and educating children and adults of all ages. TERI’s extensive array of lifespan services are recognized by and replicated across the State of California and internationally. TERI’s curriculum is designed so every student reaches his or her maximum potential. Transition and adult services are individualized to best serve each student and his or her family. At TERI, students’ achievements shine and amaze because they are provided the opportunities to thrive.

Nonpublic Agency Services (NPA)

TERI is certified as a nonpublic agency through the California Department of Education.  This allows us to provide highly trained staff to public and private schools needing classroom, behavioral, and therapeutic supports in the school or home setting.  Our NPA is funded by the contracting school for short and long term assignments. 

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