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Fitness Program


The TERI Fitness Program is based upon the fact that overall physical and emotional health leads to quality of life and longevity. It is TERI’s commitment to create and foster an environment that advocates, enhances, and directly impacts all aspects of human wellness.
TERI’s Fitness Center offers both staff and students special programs to help maximize overall physical well-being, such as fitness and health assessments, nutrition counseling, individualized exercise programs, cardiovascular strength/resistance training, flexibility, group exercise classes, and health-related workshops.

Program Benefits


  • Obesity rates for TERI's clients have dropped 60% in only 3 years.

  • Developing daily, healthy fitness habits and routines for each student and staff member.

  • Helping students and staff alike to decrease cholesterol, body fat, Type 2 diabetes, and resting heart rate while increasing heart function.

  • Helping students and staff to increase muscle mass, increase bone strength and density, and decrease the risk of injury.

  • Creating healthier, happier individuals who look and feel better.

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Fitness Director

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