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The TERI Vision

For 43 years, TERI has been pioneering quality of life and inclusive opportunity where none existed. The vision for the TERI Campus of Life is to complete that dream and empower the best life for every individual across the full spectrum.

The Campus of Life is growing again!

This week, the first walls of the new Zable Performing Arts and Fine Arts Center are beginning to take shape. This state-of-the-art education and entertainment center is the newest landmark on our beautiful San Marcos campus. These twin buildings will expand current TERI programs in theater, music, video production, fine arts, and ceramics, opening new doors of learning and expression of one’s special gifts to both the TERI students and the public.

A combined 21,000 sq ft, the new center features the 204-seat Bornemann Theater, an asset for both TERI and the local community. Additional shared resources will include art studios, galleries, music recording and video production facilities, and adaptive classrooms. We believe everyone deserves the best resources to empower their best life, and we welcome you to join in this mission.

This TERI Campus of Life story is so much more than buildings… this campus is creating an integrated and inclusive community that literally transforms lives. The Campus of Life is open and active to the public. It takes a team of storytellers, encouragers, funders, and sustainers to build this beacon of opportunity. And we need YOU!

Would you consider helping us spread the word of this TERI Campus of Life? For more info or to share your heart for the TERI mission, please contact Dan DeSaegher, CDO at 760.290.4423 or drop an email to   

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