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Special Needs Life Quality Plans


When you’re uncertain about your child’s future, anxiety is never far away. And too often, parents and families put off planning for their child with special needs because it can be complicated and good resources are scarce.


Research has shown that individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities have poor adult outcomes, often graduating from public education without prospects for work, friendships, or the basics needs to lead a life of quality.

TERI has a solution.

The TERI Special Life Quality Plans (SNLQP) provides an actionable strategy preparing for the day when parents or family can no longer care or advocate for their children. 

This important plan becomes an integral part of the family’s will or trust, offering current and future caregivers a well-defined roadmap to ensure the child’s quality of life.

The plan process begins with an in-depth phone survey conducted by a trained planner with the parent/caregiver. The survey covers 15 life categories to determine present and future life quality goals, needs, and preferences for your child.

These plans can:

  • Be amended to a will or trust.

  • Serve as the basis for goal setting in schools, adult, and residential programs.

  • Used as a training tool for caregivers, family members, executors, and others involved in the child’s life.


The TERI Special Needs Life Quality Plans (SNLQP) is a flat fee-based service provided by TERI. As with The TERI Special Needs Life Quality Coach training, the SNLQP is unique to TERI and a model which can be replicated anywhere in the U.S. or worldwide.

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Life Quality Plans

These plans help protect the happiness and quality of life for you and your family.

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Special Needs Trust

We refer families to an attorney for the establishment of trusts.

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We can help you in the area of conservatorships for your special needs adult.

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