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Special Needs Life Quality Coach Course

Become a Certified Special Needs Life Quality Coach
16-Week Online Course

You can start a new a rewarding career as a Special Needs Life Quality Coach!
Set your own hours and rates!

As part of its mission to change the way the world views individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, TERI, Inc. is offering the industry’s first specialization coursework designed to train professionals and other interested individuals to work as Special Needs Life Quality Coaches. Special Needs Life Quality Coaches work with families to ensure that they, and their children or adults with special needs, have access to the support, encouragement, resources and knowledge to lead happy fulfilling lives.

Coaches work with families and individuals to determine what they need in order to meet personal goals, and they establish and monitor action plans to help them reach these goals. Coaches are NOT counselors; they are an extension of the family devoted to improving quality of life.

At this time, TERI is the only organization offering a certificate in this coaching specialization. The 16-week Special Needs Life Quality Coaching course is provided online with flexible hours so that working professionals have the time they need to complete assignments and connect with their student cohort. The classes are experiential and designed to assure that students have all the tools and support they need to go into private practice upon graduation.

Classes are offered three times a year, and space is limited.

Our final and next class is August 15 – December 2, registration deadline is August 1