Who We Serve

Programs designed to meet each student’s specific needs

  • Kids & Teens

  • Adults

  • Families

Programs For Kids & Teens

Meeting individualized educational needs in a therapeutic setting

TERI’s two specialized schools for children ages 6-22 produce unparalleled results in student success. Our schools are able to empower students touched by special needs of all abilities. From students touched by autism and other mild to moderate disabilities affecting learning and social skills to students requiring a higher level of individualized support with a 1:1 student to teacher ratio. Our schools are funded primarily through a partnership with San Diego County Schools.

Addressing changing needs of young adults

Young adults touched by special needs may be served by the public school until age 22. At age 16, law requires schools to develop transition plans to assure students are prepared for adulthood. Our transition services include a life quality planning service and training for families and teachers, training on life planning and adult services, and life quality coaching to ensure students and families meet personal goals across their lifespan.

Programs For Adults

Leading the path to fulfillment

In 1980, TERI first opened program doors with a single group home. Over the last 35 years, the services for adults have grown to include 12 residential group homes, a pre-vocational and adult education day program, and enrichment programs like music and agriculture designed to provide every student the opportunity to thrive.

Programs For Families

Providing immediate support and resources to help families live happy, full lives

From specialized behavior plans to respite care, our goal is to provide resources and programs that bring security and refuge to the family unit. Our 35 years of experience has garnered trust within the community but more importantly has lead us to finding the best strategies in helping each individual and their families.

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