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Compassionate, Selfless, Dedicated.

At TERI, we deeply appreciate our volunteers who consistently dedicate their time, skills, and compassion. They comprehend that the act of volunteering is more than giving time; it represents a gift of hope, empowerment, and the promise of an improved future for everyone involved.

TERI's growth and success hinge heavily on the commitment of our volunteers. These selfless individuals form the backbone of our operations, and we are proud to have some of the most dedicated and talented volunteers on our team. Continue reading to get to know the people behind our accomplishments!

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Kim Meza


"I am an avid supporter of TERI and share TERI mission with family and friends and encourage them to support TERI and how their donation helps to support our agency."

Kim Meza sees the benefit for her work in the community and is grateful for the opportunity to share her time and talent at TERI.

We asked Kim a few questions to get to know her better:

What inspired you to become a volunteer at TERI, and how did you first learn about our organization's mission and work?

I was first introduced to TERI through their thrift store Potpourri. I drove past it several times and saw the stores items for sale outside of the storefront and always said I would stop to check out the store. Then one day I saw a sign soliciting for volunteers, and I was not sure what they need volunteers for, so I stopped in and asked. Once I learned more, I knew it would be the perfect fit for me. My nephew has special needs so TERI was the perfect organization for me to support. 

How long have you been volunteering with TERI, and could you share some of the specific roles or projects you have been involved in during your time here?

I’ve volunteered at TERI Inspired Resale for 18 years. I ran the register at Potpourri, help to sort through donations and pricing of the items. I feel more productive working in the back sorting and processing incoming donations and love the flexibility to be able to help when I can. 

Can you describe a memorable experience or achievement from your volunteer work at TERI that you are particularly proud of?

I am proud that I’ve volunteered at TERI Inspired Resale for 18 years. I enjoy working with the clients, staff, and customers. An achievement during my volunteer work at TERI was to help close Potpourri and move to TERI Inspired Resale's new location. I helped the staff to establish the new TERI Inspired Resale store when we moved to the new store location off of Mission Ave. I assisted the staff with getting the new store ready for business. I also love to promote the store to my friends on social media.

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Ready to make a difference in someone's life?

In what ways do you believe your volunteer work at TERI has made a positive impact, either on the organization or the community it serves? Share your thoughts on how your contributions as a volunteer have benefited TERI and the people it supports.

I see benefit for my work in the community and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my time and talent at TERI. I enjoyed attending the volunteer dinners and taking a tour of TERI Residential homes and programs. This allowed the volunteers to see the direct impact that their service work does to support the clients and programs at TERI.  I am an avid supporter of TERI and share TERI mission with family and friends and encourage them to support TERI and how their donation helps to support our agency.

I also encouraged my mom to come and try out volunteering at TERI to see if she would like it. Mom has since been volunteering for over 10 years helping to sort inventory and to clean and repair donated jewelry. Mom loves the flexibility of being able to volunteer and to be able to give back to an organization that supports children and adults like her grandson touched by special needs.  

What would you say to someone that might be interested in volunteering but still unsure if they should sign up to volunteer?

I would encourage anyone interested in volunteering to come in to try it out at least once. There are several different things that you can do to help support TERI. Find the things that work for you. You see the benefit of your work here at TERI and form friendships with the community. The staff makes me feel welcomed and appreciated for the volunteer work that I do. 

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