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Therapeutic Equestrian Program


The TERI Therapeutic Equestrian Program, funded through the generosity of the Harriet E. Pfleger Foundation, offers therapy-based riding lessons. Lessons are designed to promote physical development as well as cognitive, emotional, and behavioral growth to students with developmental disabilities.

In contrast to similar riding centers, The Equestrian Program welcomes individuals who struggle with behavioral challenges and incorporates each student’s unique adaptive behavioral support plan into the riding lesson. Students whose behaviors, health concerns, or lack of confidence keep them from participating in typical mounted and riding activities can develop ground skills. TERI’s two miniatures, Jack and Jill, provide an opportunity to benefit from the assisted interaction with horses in a safe, controlled environment.

The Equestrian Program leverages the special bond between horses and people – a bond that has been shown to improve our students’ lives in profound ways.

This specialized therapy can result in:

•    Increased independence
•    Better self-esteem and confidence
•    A stronger sense of self
•    More patience
•    Responsible behaviors
•    Better adaptability and change acceptance
•    Improved muscle tone, strength and flexibility

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Director of Therapeutic Equestrian Services

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