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Agriculture Program

Grow, Learn, Eat, Be Well!

The TERI Agriculture Program operates 3 large-scale certified organic urban farms (certified by NFC) and 9 home gardens, providing specialized vocational training for our students and seasonal produce. The farms and gardens are designed to conserve natural and man-made resources, encourage a diverse wildlife ecology, and provide a safe, engaging, and motivating space for our students, staff, and the local community.

Our Agriculture Program yields 1,000 – 1,500 pounds of certified organic crops per month providing 80% of the fresh produce consumed by TERI’s group home residents with the rest used in our culinary programs.  Currently, 80 – 100 students participate in the program with a growing number of individuals interested in farming and agriculture coming on-board.

What do our students learn?

  • How to grow food and the importance of environmental stewardship.

  • The environmental implications of where food is sourced, and how local and global food systems operate.

  • How food choices can benefit health and the environment.

The program is designed to achieve 3 main goals:

  1. Provide vocational, enrichment, and learning opportunities through working in our organic farms year-round.

  2. Create a vigorous brain/body/nature connection promoting skill reinforcement, increased engagement, and lower instances of unproductive behaviors. 

  3. Provide organic food to the TERI residential homes program through our weekly deliveries of fresh fruits and vegetables.  

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