This year, more children will be diagnosed with Autism than Cancer, Diabetes, and AIDS combined.


Alarming Increases

Coffee: 20 minutes + Shower: 20 minutes + Commute: 20 minutes

In the time it takes to prepare for your day, three families will have experienced something that drastically changes their life forever. Their children will have been diagnosed with Autism. This is the statistic worldwide-every 20 minutes another child is diagnosed. A morning routine no longer consists of worrying about dinner plans and to-do lists, it consists of doctor appointments, financial trauma, and a child’s unprotected future.

With a 200% increase in diagnosis over the last decade, thousands of families are left questioning “who will care for my child when I am gone?”

The Cliff

Over half a million of the children being diagnosed will transition into adulthood within the next 10 years. Children are guaranteed schooling and services until 18-21, but what happens when they turn 22 and age out of the education system?

Services for adults with autism exist, but unlike school services, they are not mandated, and there are fewer of them. Combined with shrinking government budgets, the challenges are daunting. The battle to build a secure future with minimal support leaves parents feeling uneasy on graduation day rather than joyous.

This gap in services is known as the “autism cliff,” a powerful use imagery emphasizing the lack of support and driving the fear that thousands of families experience.

The Price of Autism

The Cost

The lifetime cost to support an individual with autism exceeds $3.2 million. The majority of these expenses for therapies and services are not covered by insurance.

Family Dynamics

With focus of time and money placed on helping the child with autism, many families experience significant stress on marriage, sibling & personal relationships, and outside responsibilities.

Insecure Future

While the cost and relational effects on family dynamics cause significant stress to the caretakers, the greatest fear always remains “who will care for my child when I am gone?”

“Not only did they save Evan’s life, they saved the family...”

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TERI is the Bridge

Investing In The Future

Stable Future

By providing programs and services for students throughout their entire life span, TERI gives families the peace to know their child will be taken care of at every stage of life.

Low Cost

Through donations and community support, TERI has eased the financial burden on families so they can focus on the health, happiness, and well being of their child.

Family Support

TERI’s lifespan programs remove the financial strain and fears about a child’s future, allowing families to lead their lives with confidence and fulfillment.

“At the end of the day, we all strive to be happy…there is no difference in what we are doing here at TERI. It may be music class for Bryan or painting for Dennis but our focus will always be on our students and finding what programs give them the opportunity to lead happy and full lives.”

Cheryl Kilmer, CEO & Founder

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