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Our Vocational Internship Program (VIP) is a wonderful opportunity for adults with special needs to acquire the skills needed for a job within the community.  Training lasts about 1 year and during that time, students work directly with a TERI Job Coach both in the classroom and on-the-job.

Keep in mind, that you must be a Regional Center client to participate in the Internship Program or have the ability to pay for the program fees.

What training is available?

Currently we offer skills training in our equestrian program, commercial kitchen, agriculture, sales, office, and housekeeping. As the program grows, we continue to add new skills to our list.

What is the training commitment?

Training is Monday-Friday, 3 hours a day. Mondays, students are in the classroom learning about job related behaviors. The rest of the week, students and their Job Coach will be honing their skills on the job in their chosen business. 

Will I get paid while I'm taking my training?

Yes, you’ll receive minimum wage.

Where will training take place?

Classroom training is held at our TERI Campus of Life in San Marcos, CA at the Tom & Mary Tomlinson Vocational Building. Your on-the-job training will be held at a relevant North San Diego County business or at one of TERI’s on campus businesses.

Will you help me get a job when I complete my training?

Your Regional Center case manager will connect you with agencies that can help you get a job.  And once you finish your training, you’ll get a TERI Certificate of Completion listing your skills and a letter of recommendation you can show employers. 

For more information contact:

Cyndi Herendeen at or

Meredith Martineau at

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