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Residential Services


TERI provides nurturing long-term living and housing solutions for our special needs adults. These modern, well-maintained homes are located throughout North San Diego County in secure neighborhoods. Our priority is providing your loved one’s safety, wellbeing, personal development, and a lifetime of care.

We create cohesive groups of adults with common interests and compatibilities and each resident receives an individualized, ongoing plan for adapting to and conquering challenges. This ensures the creation of a family unit which will thrive across each person’s lifespan. TERI’s commitment to a lifetime of security and continuity of care is paramount. Our original residents have been thriving housemates for over 40 years!
The State of California licenses each group home for a particular level of physical and developmental need. TERI has retrofitted several residences to overcome the ambulatory impairments, installed ADA supportive equipment, and staff-to-resident ratios with access to twenty-four hour nursing care, including hospice.

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Residential Services Director

How to apply for admission to the Residential Program

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