Kilmer College

Individualized learning programs to meet distinct needs

About Kilmer College

Kilmer College is a higher education institute specifically designed to meet the learning needs of students with developmental disabilities and autism. Named after TERI Founder and CEO Cheryl Kilmer and created to expand the continuum of options for special needs education, Kilmer College is the first of its kind in the world to provide individuals with a wide range of developmental disabilities a collegiate experience. Kilmer College has developed model educational programs that use adaptable program models to ensure students are provided individualized learning programs that meet their distinct needs and help them reach their goals. Unlike other higher education institutes that adapt only a small number of courses for this population, we have created a model that supports learning at any level or age. Kilmer College will offer students classes in a multitude of careers and special interests including culinary, agriculture, equestrian, and fitness. Along with its educational programs, Kilmer College will also provide students with individualized supports for learning, mobility, behavior and life coaching.

Kilmer College Cooking School

The first course to launch in 2014 was Kilmer College Cooking School, which teaches cooking as a life skill complete with entire meal planning, shopping, and creating of an entire dinner each class. TERI’s Kilmer College also has a Culinary Institute in the works with the intent of job creation in the culinary field. The Culinary Institute is forming relationships with partnered restaurants and healthy eateries with our internship program and certification in mind. The Kilmer College Cooking School and Culinary Institute are looking forward to enriching the lives of those with special needs and autism on our Campus of Life.

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