Fitness Enrichment Program

Fostering overall physical and emotional health

About The Fitness Center

At TERI we believe fitness and overall physical and emotional health lead to quality of life and longevity. It is our commitment to create and foster the type of environment that advocates, enhances and directly impacts all aspects of human wellness. Through the implementation of many fitness and recreation programs, we plan to meet the specific health needs of all our clients and staff. The TERI Fitness Center offers to both students and staff special programs such as Fitness / Health Assessments, nutrition counseling, individually designed exercise programs (cardiovascular, strength / resistance training, flexibility, general rehabilitation, etc.), group exercise classes, health related workshops and other services to help maximize overall physical well-being.

Obesity rates have dropped from 85% to 15% in only 3 years

Student Spotlight


Bringing the comedic relief since Day 1. Mike's jokes and joy for life, lights up every room.

Mike came to TERI after suffering a traumatic brain injury. When we first met Mike his speech was very hard to understand, he seldom made attempts to sit up in his wheelchair so it was difficult to see his face and have a conversation with him, and physical exercise was of no interest to him whatsoever. TERI’s Fitness Director started Mike out with some small movements at a pace that he felt comfortable with and he flourished.

Today Mike is a regular at the TERI gym! He sits up a little taller, his speech is gradually improving, and he is willing to ride the exercise bike for 30 minutes and do some upper body weight lifting each day. As both his confidence and strength have improved, Mike’s attitude about exercise has completely changed; today his goal is to someday walk using a walker. If he continues to be positive and his determination remains strong, we have no doubt he will achieve that goal. It is such a pleasure to see Mike sitting on the exercise bike and not in his wheelchair, to hear him joking and making conversation with others instead of mumbling, and to see a smile on his face when he comes to work out.

Susan Parham Therapy Center

The therapy center is currently under the direction of registered occupational and physical therapists. Therapeutic programs conducted at this site include the use of movement to enhance learning; sensory integration therapy; programs designed to enhance balance and ambulation; and programs to remediate problems that occur as a result of an individual’s disabling condition. Adults who are of retirement age and developmentally disabled will also use the therapy center to maintain current skills and to prevent regression of ambulation and mobility skills. The therapy center includes a variety of mats for stretching and improving range of motion, a vestibular swing, therapy balls, a Bobath ball unit, a padded and cushioned obstacle course, passive exercise equipment, and various other therapeutic supplies.

Program Benefits

  • Developing daily, healthy fitness habits and routines for each student and staff member

  • Helping students and staff alike to decrease cholesterol, decrease body fat, decrease type 2 diabetes, and decrease resting heart rate while increasing heart function.

  • Helping students and staff to increase muscles, increase bone strength and density, and decrease the risk of injury

  • Creating healthier, happier individuals who look and feel better


Rhonda Maxson

Director of Fitness

Rhonda Maxson began employment with TERI in April 2013.  Rhonda believes that everyone needs and deserves opportunities to become healthy, happy and physically fit.  She enjoys working with both the students and staff at TERI and her goal is to help everyone at TERI enjoy the happier, positive lifestyle of a healthy person.  She holds an M.Ed. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in Physical Education and is certified to teach many different aerobic classes and is certified as a Personal Trainer.  She is thrilled to be a part of the TERI community.

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