Family Support

Superior care for your loved ones with special needs

About Family Support Services

TERI serves a wide range of children and adults with special needs and their families. Our trained staff offers superior care for your loved ones with special needs. Many of the individuals in our Respite Program have autism and we have designed environments, supports, and activities to meet their unique needs.We also have a long and successful history of working with individuals who have challenging behaviors. Respite care is funded by the San Diego Regional Center or parent tuition.

In Home Respite

TERI has trained staff available seven days a week to help families in North San Diego County who are raising a child or adult with developmental disabilities within the home setting. This program offers parents a break from the day-to-day care of their child.

Out of Home Respite

The Out-of-Home Respite Program offers recreational and community activities at our Oceanside and San Marcos locations. These programs help foster a sense of community for the students while providing staff support based on the individual need. We offer extended programs every Saturday, during the holidays, and summer breaks.

We’ve also developed social clubs based on individual age groups. Club Jubilee provides music, movement and sensory program for students 3-8. The Respite Club provides music, dance, and cooking classes for students 8-13. The Girls’ and Boys’ Night Out Club is all about developing friendships through support, recreation, fitness and activities in their local community for students 14-23.

Student Spotlight


Respite Program has allowed Luke's parents to 'take a break' knowing he is happy with friends.

Luke has always had trouble making eye contact, ordering in restaurants, having a conversation, following directions, and having appropriate social skills. Over the last eight years, two TERI Respite Workers, Rigo and Billy have helped Luke grow into a more mature self- sufficient young man. Rigo and Billy are trained and knowledgeable in behavior and life coaching skills that have tremendously helped Luke in all these areas of his life.

They have both been excellent role models and instruct Luke on regulating his behavior, communicating more clearly which has helped him to be more comfortable in his interactions between his peers and in his community. Luke eagerly anticipates his weekly outings with the TERI staff as they go bowling, play soccer, walk on the beach, go to Boomers and end the outing with a meal between friends. Rigo and Billy have become an important part of Luke’s family, allowing his parents to “take a break” knowing that Luke is safe with friends.

Family Support

Amy Schaffner

Director of Family Support Services

Amy Schaffner has been with TERI for 28 years providing support to people with developmental disabilities. Her career began in Early Childhood Development when she developed an interest and love for working with special needs children. Amy works with the San Diego Regional Center providing advocacy, referrals, in-home respite, out-of-home respite and recreation programs to families. Amy enjoys hanging out with her family on the weekends; she has three children, her youngest son is in high school and is actively involved in sports, her daughter is in college and one grown son that lives and works in San Diego.

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