Equestrian Enrichment Program

Innovative approach to therapy

About Therapeutic Equestrian

At TERI's Therapeutic Equestrian Program, our students face many challenges within a range of physical, mental and emotional disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, Brain Injury, and Seizure Disorders. The objective of our program is unique in that it aims to address not only a wide array of these disabilities, but also a greater influence of Autism & Autistic Spectrum Disorders, as well as learning disabilities. In conjunction with our highly qualified staff, the modern horse also takes on the role of therapist, and as such, all lend their own unique perspective and design to join with other TERI programs.

Student Spotlight


Cowboy Extraordinaire-From a wheelchair to riding horses

Jared loves coming to the barn and up until recently has been riding double with one of his instructors for extra support (Jared spends the rest of his day in a wheelchair). He starts off equestrian therapy by riding the “bucking barrel” with Valerie. This helps to supple his legs and torso as the barrel is gently rocked side to side before mounting the horse with his instructor. But lately due to evidence of improved upper core strength, Jared was asked to ride solo for the first time- the results being a HUGE surprise to just about everyone, except Jared. The look on his face truly said, “I knew I could do it”!

Program Benefits

  • Increased strength and muscle tone

  • Improved balance, flexibility, head control, and hand-eye coordination

  • Improved concentration and enhanced patience and self-esteem

  • Increased social awareness and growth


Jenell Tiffany

Director of Therapeutic Equestrian

Jenell Tiffany, a native Californian and lifelong horsewoman, earned her Horsemaster certification from the Potomac Horse Center, Gaithersburg Maryland, and then continued her equine education within the racing stable of legendary Eclipse Award winner and Hall of Fame trainer, Charlie Whittingham. After a career in horse farm management, Jenell came to TERI in 1993 to learn as much about autism and developmental disabilities as possible. She became Director of the Therapeutic Equestrian program in 2000, is a registered PATH International (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship) Instructor, currently pursuing her advanced certifications. Jenell believes that in mapping our student’s goals, one thing stands out foremost as the compass point – to create the greatest opportunity for success! Thru TERI’s Therapeutic Equestrian Program, we develop coordination, self-esteem, confidence and the courage to dream of things once impossible in the hearts of children and adults with developmental disabilities.

Email Jenell: jenellt@teriinc.org


TERI’s equestrian program is also a community service/volunteer site where we are fortunate to have a solid base of enthusiastic volunteers – people with a generosity of spirit. New volunteers are greatly appreciated as they share in that one motivating factor, to improve not only the quality of life for our students, but the quality of the moment. Moments when all things come together on that one special horse, to uplift, challenge, strengthen and heal.

If you’d like to volunteer wth the Equestrian Program, please fill out a volunteer application and we will get you started!

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