Choices For Adult Learning

Only adult day program of its kind in California

About CAL

Choices for Adult Learning (CAL) is the only adult day program of its kind in California. Designed to meet the unique needs of adults with significant behavioral and intellectual disabilities, this community-based program provides 2 staff for every 3 adults, offering 1:1 support for each individual for at least a third of their program day. This staffing flexibility has allowed CAL adults to develop micro-enterprises, make meaningful connections with people in their community, and pursue individual goals. CAL’s unique design helps individuals who either have a history of 1:1 support during their public school years; who have been unable to make progress in a traditional day program setting; or whose behavior needs preclude their placement in other adult day programs.

CAL is a data-based program, and our students have attained great success in attaining new skills; replacing problem behavior with functional behavior, making friends in their neighborhoods, starting businesses, and being actively engaged of community experiences (gym memberships; sports clubs; volunteerism; etc). A special benefit the families receive as part of the program design is in-home behavioral consultation and support. Regional Center funded, admission to the program requires a referral from a case manager and the consensus of an admissions team. Those who use San Diego Regional Center services must live within 25 miles of the CAL program (Oceanside area); those who work with other Regional Centers may live outside this radius. We are proud of this innovative program and its ability to successfully support a very special segment of our population.

Program Benefits

  • Allows adults the support of 2 staff for a group of three.

  • Novel activities chosen by students based in the community.

  • Ability for student to develop a micro-enterprise by transforming their interests into a money making opportunity.

  • Educating our community through positive, structured interactions and giving back.

Adult Learning

Tommy Wooley

Director of Choices for Adult Learning

Tommy first began his career at TERI in 2004 as an aide at CAAE. In 2006 he moved over to The Learning Academy as a one to one Instructor where he stayed for the next several years, and in 2014 he made the transition over to CAL as the Program Specialist, before assuming the role of Director later that year. Tommy strives to make The CAL Program the best that it can be, and is highly invested in improving the quality of life of the clients that attend the program. Having several siblings with special needs himself, Tommy understands the importance of designing a program that not only improves the client’s life while at the program, but at home as well. He believes that designing goals should be a team effort, and that the goals should focus on functional skills that can be generalized in all environments. Tommy is thrilled to direct such a unique program as CAL, and is very proud of the team he has to work with.

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