Agriculture Enrichment Program

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About Agriculture

What started as a few backyard gardens has now expanded to 3 large urban farms and 9 backyard gardens throughout TERI's programs and residences. Combined, these growing spaces now feed the majority of our resident’s seasonal produce needs. As we continue to expand all of our backyard gardens into Urban Farms we will expand our reach in providing certified organic and local produce beyond our residents to our staff, community and local food producers.

We provide our residents and staff with healthy fresh food, and offer unique hands-on learning opportunities and activities. We are continually working to provide more clients, staff and community members with the freshest organic certified produce with the goal of growing into our 6.5 acres of agriculture on the new TERI Campus of Life in San Marcos. Every day is fun on the farm, working together to create a sustainable future for TERI and our community. The program would not be as successful without the many helping hands of our giving community- including over 200 volunteers.

One of TERI's newest social enterprises is growing organic microgreens for local restaurants and retailers. Microgreens have provided a new vocational opportunity for our students as well as modeling program sustainability and creating community awareness around special education.

Over 1,500 pounds of certified organic crops produced per month

Student Spotlight


Never an unfinished project with Jason around! One of the most focused students at TERI.

Jason is a full-time resident at TERI and part of the vocational training program, learning all about TERI’s sustainable agriculture. He routinely visits our farms, helps with harvesting the fresh organic produce, and then assists in getting the produce out to the TERI residences. Jason enjoys being outdoors while he works, and the vocational opportunity is something he has long wanted to take part in, something he was unable to find success with in other programs. Jason also has learned firsthand the benefits of fresh produce in a healthy diet. "Where's my garden box? Have to get more of my weekly vegetables!" Thanks to TERI’s focus on fitness, he makes better food choices and exercises regularly. Jason has not only slimmed down but has much more energy to do his job of taking TERI’s harvest from farm to kitchen.

Program Benefits

  • Our program offers new exciting vocational opportunities for our residents and students

  • Reinforces and develops healthy eating habits for our residents and staff alike

  • Creates new learning opportunities for our community

  • TERI’s Urban Farms are organically certified

Livestock Program

The TERI Livestock program was started in 2012 as a self sustaining way to provide natural and organic meat and eggs to our TERI residential clients. We provide hands on learning in animal husbandry to our adult clients. They are active in the roles of caring, feeding and cleaning for our swine, turkeys and chickens and they look forward to being a part of this unique and progressive program.

See more about the Livestock & Agriculture Program through our TERI Blog

Student Spotlight


Every egg is carefully harvested, every chicken well fed.

Jim works hard every day taking care of the chickens and pigs at TERI's urban farm at the Montgomery residence home. He loves collecting the eggs, learning about the animals, and being with his farmer buddies. Jim will tell you all about the work he does at the farm, it's his favorite and most important job!

Peas n’ Carrots 4-H club

The Peas n’ Carrots 4-H club, established in 2006, is the first club in the United States specifically designed for children with developmental disabilities and their siblings. We are a part of TERI Inc as a continuation of services that are provided to our families. Our families come together from across San Diego North County. Our focus is on leadership, acceptance, commitment, responsibility and achieving your personal best!

Contact the leader of TERI’s 4-H Club, Meredith:


TERI’s agriculture program is also a community service/volunteer site where we are fortunate to have a solid base of enthusiastic volunteers – amazing people with a generosity of spirit. New volunteers are greatly appreciated as they share in that one motivating factor, to improve not only the quality of life for our students, but the quality of the moment. Moments when all things come together on that one special horse, to uplift, challenge, strengthen and heal.

If you would like to volunteer with the Agricultre Program, please fill out a volunteer application online.


Carrie LeCompte

Director of Agriculture

Carrie  graduated from Champlain College in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She pursued her career creating new programming in Burlington Vermont for a not for profit who specialized in working with at risk youth.  After 7 years in the industry it became apparent that she wanted to expand her love for gardening into a career. Carrie has spent the past 7 years working on various large scale organic farms in Vermont, and more recently urban farming in California. Blending agriculture and her love for helping others has been a long time time dream of hers, and she is thrilled to be able to have the opportunity to create a sustainable and all around enriching agriculture department at TERI.

Contact Carrie: