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Pre-vocational and adult education program

About Adult Services

The Center for the Arts & Adult Education (CAAE) is a unique vocational and adult education program designed to serve adults from the age of 18 through retirement. The curriculum is as individual as our students and includes both classroom and community training environments. Students experience continuing opportunities to explore and expand their interests through participation in fine arts and crafts, theater, music, and agricultural activities, as well as opportunities to integrate with community members through a volunteer program.

Additional opportunities for CAAE students include working at our thrift and re-sale shop, TERI Inspired Resale, training at local restaurants, managing a booth at the Oceanside Farmers' Market that sells items hand-made by our students, and operating an in-house Recycling Center. There is also a focus on individual health and well-being. The Fitness and Recreation Center provides exercise and personal training. The Ronald Roher Outdoor Enrichment Center is a tranquil setting for groups or individuals to enjoy a variety of leisure and recreational activities.

Student Spotlight


TERI's very own energizer bunny.

Dennis has been a student at the Center for the Arts and Adult Education for 5 ½ years, first entering the program when he transitioned from high school. Dennis brought with him a great deal of exuberant but unfocused energy and a large personality. What we learned was that he also had great dance moves, a love of basketball, and a passion for painting flags. We found out that through painting, Dennis was able to calm down and take time to focus. His work has appeared in art shows, on greeting cards, and hangs in the in the state capitol and local businesses. He takes great pride in his personal accomplishments. Dennis has proven to be an extremely caring person and now shares his energy by assisting others in his groups needing help or simply a hug.

Program Benefits

  • Through their involvement in CAAE, individuals can increase current abilities, explore new interests, and develop a repertoire of skills and hobbies that will enrich their lives.

  • Students at CAAE have been able to improve their health and fitness through daily involvement in exercise and TERI’s emphasis on healthy eating.

  • CAAE students have the opportunity to share their skills with the world through community art exhibitions, craft sales, and music/theater outreach programs.

Arts & Crafts

TERI’s adult vocational students at the Center for the Arts & Adult Education work together in the woodworking, fine arts and crafts departments to create custom and unique pieces of fine art, crafts, decorative items, and wood creations. Sold at galleries all over Southern California, these vocational programs allow TERI adults to earn commission for their skills and provide a service to the community.

You can find selections of arts and crafts at the Oceanside Farmers’ Market, Oceanside Art Walk, Art Beat on Main Street Gallery in Vista, and many other community centers!

Stop by TERI and pick out or custom order your pieces today! Contact Alex:

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Center for Arts & Adult Education

Teresa Martin

Director of Adult Services

Teresa Martin, the Director of Adult Services, has been with TERI since 1982.  She oversees TERI’s residential program and the Center for the Arts and Adult Education.  Teresa Martin earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Oregon State University and her Elementary Teaching Credential from the University of Southern California. Beginning her career as a teacher in the Los Angeles school system, Teresa moved on to hold the Executive Directorship of the Fallbrook Child Development Center. She transitioned to the TERI team in 1982 as part of the residential program. In  2004 she became the Director of Adult Services and administers the agency’s most diverse programs. Teresa’s great creativity has been the inspiration of many new programs at TERI.  Teresa enjoys travel and has enjoyed trips to England, South Africa, Germany, and Italy.  Closer to home, she enjoys sampling the arts and music available in San Diego.

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