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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Festival Planned for TERI's launch of the Fitness Court®

TERI’s Fit for Life program prioritizes community health and wellness for the special needs and the local San Marcos community as part of their commitment to quality of life and longevity.

TERI (Training, Education, and Resource Institute) will unveil an outdoor Fitness Court® at their Campus of Life improving and enhancing the quality of life for San Diego residents. This capital project is a featured part of the 2023 initiative launched by National Fitness Campaign (NFC), a nationwide wellness consulting firm that partners with municipalities and schools to plan, build and fund Healthy Communities. NFC’s award-winning initiative is now planning its 500th Healthy Community in America and is poised to deliver vital outdoor wellness programs helping to fight the obesity epidemic across the country.

This year, TERI Inc. and dozens of other select recipients from around the country were awarded a $30,000 grant from NFC to help support the program. In addition to grant funding, The City of San Marcos, The County of San Diego, and The Eastman Family contributed to make the project possible in San Marcos.

"Since 1980, TERI has pioneered programs and services for kids and adults with developmental disabilities," shared Dan DeSaegher, TERI Chief Development Officer. "From the beginning, our Founder and CEO Cheryl Kilmer prioritized health and wellness activities as the foundation for all personal progress. This new outdoor Fitness Court® is one more investment in wellness, and like everything else on the TERI Campus of Life, it is also a public resource shared with the local San Marcos community."

The new Fitness Court® at the TERI Campus of Life is the world’s best outdoor gym and allows users to leverage their own body weight to get a complete workout using seven stations. Created for adults aged 14 and older, the Fitness Court is adaptable for all fitness levels. Users can also download the free Fitness Court App — a coach-in-your-pocket style platform — that transforms the world’s best outdoor gym into a digitally supported wellness experience. The Fitness Court App is available for iOS and Android.

“We are excited to have TERI Inc. join us in the journey to health and wellness as we make a positive impact building Healthy Infrastructure across America,’’ said Mitch Menaged, Founder of National Fitness Campaign. “The addition of the Fitness Court® along with ongoing engagement in healthy lifestyles demonstrates a tremendous commitment to the community.”

The public is invited to attend the Fit for Life Festival on Saturday, June 3, at 10:00 am – 12:00 pm to experience the Fitness Court® and learn about upcoming community wellness events and programming. Delicious food and drinks for purchase, fitness challenges, music, and family-friendly fun activities such as face painting, balloon art, games and freebies will be offered. For more information, visit the event page or contact Ashlynn Landreth, Director of Fitness, at 760.721.1706.

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