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Fine Arts


The TERI Fine Arts Program provides an exceptional creative environment and curriculum for neurodiverse adults, dedicated to promoting independence, fostering creativity, and promoting inclusivity within the neurodiverse community and beyond. Through ceramics, crafts, painting, and mosaics our students benefit from the therapeutic and sensory aspects of the arts, along with the opportunity to express their imagination and unique style of creativity by exploring the arts. The Fine Arts Program fosters a positive impact by creating an inclusive space where individuals with disabilities can thrive and develop their artistic abilities. Our artists experience the joy of creativity through collective efforts in our studios. 

Works produced by students hang in Washington D.C., California state government buildings, local galleries, and the Center for Art & Adult Education. Art has also sold to private individuals and galleries, providing an opportunity for artists to develop a microenterprise based on their creative passions and cultivated skills. 

The fine arts created by our students can also be purchased at the Sheri's - A Unique Boutique at the Campus, our TERI Inspired Resale Store, partnering galleries throughout the community.

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Artistic and Managing Director of Fine Arts

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Supervisor of Creative Programs

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