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Vision 2018


Building Bridges

Connecting to the minds of children, adults, and seniors with autism and special needs

TERI is embarking on our most ambitious project to date: the creation of a state of the art campus for individuals with developmental disabilities. The Campus of Life will offer innovative facilities and cutting edge research in a world-class environment of community, acceptance and empowerment of the individual. To achieve this bold vision, we need your support.

Campus of Life

TERI is seeking support to build an innovative and vital new project, the Campus of Life.

The first facility of its kind, the Campus of Life will be a world-class center of excellence and innovation in the education and empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities. The knowledge and innovative approaches generated on campus will be shared with our outside partners to improve the lives of individuals with developmental disabilities the world over. Set on 20 acres in San Diego County, the campus will provide an inspired and therapeutic environment for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities. The new campus will be home to many of our educational centers including the Lifespan Institute, Kilmer College, Learning Academy, and the Child Development Center.

We are proud to have partnered with the military’s Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) program to build a part of Phase 1 on our new campus and to have hosted the largest campaign to date undertaken by the IRT titled, “Building Bridges: Connecting Into the Minds of Children, Adults, with Autism and Special Needs”. The IRT’s commitment to TERI includes skilled labor and equipment to train and build the campus.

Campus of Life

Phase I of the project is complete, including property acquisition, zoning, planning, and construction of the Equestrian Center. In order to complete construction of the entire campus, TERI will rely on donations from individuals, the community, corporations, and foundations for Phase II. Our vision is to begin grading/construction when possible and have a functional campus in the near future.


Each of our programs in the Campus of Life has been specifically designed to advance the standard of care for individuals with special needs. The Campus will promote lifelong learning and independence through enriching programs, leading facilities, and an incredible staff. Comprehensive, career-focused certification programs will be available in fields such as culinary and food service, agriculture, equestrian, sustainability, and the arts. The highly trained staff and supportive environment will ensure all programs meet each student’s physical, psychological, and educational needs.

Supporters & Leadership

We are grateful to the community who supports the programs and individuals that serve. These names represent the stakeholders in the lives of our clients and we want to say Thank You!

Help build the Campus of Life

You are invited to change the lives of people with developmental disabilities, and the lives of those who love them, by helping in the creation of a one-of-a-kind campus, a center where new tomorrows will begin. Entrepreneurial spirit and uncompromising emphasis on excellence will come together here. Proven programs will be strengthened. Innovative approaches will be pioneered. Personal potential will be transformed into individual achievement. Through your gift, you will be building the future.

Our vision for the Campus is the culmination of years of dedication and determination in our belief that the right services, support, and answers are essential to ensuring a life of quality for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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