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Special Needs Life Quality Coaching

What is a Special Needs Life Quality Coach?

As part of its mission to change the way the world views individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, the Training, Education, Research, & Innovation (TERI, Inc.) is offering the industry’s first specialization coursework designed to train professionals and other interested individuals to work as Special Needs Life Quality Coaches. Special Needs Life Quality Coaches work with families to ensure that they, and their children or adults with special needs, have access to the support, encouragement, resources and knowledge to lead happy fulfilling lives. Coaches work with families and individuals to determine what they need in order to meet personal goals, and they establish and monitor action plans to help them reach these goals. Coaches are NOT counselors; they are an extension of the family devoted to improving quality of life.

How Do I Become a Special Needs Life Quality Coach?

At this time, TERI is the only organization offering a certificate in this coaching specialization. The 16-week Special Needs Life Quality Coaching course is provided online with flexible hours so that working professionals have the time they need to complete assignments and connect with their student cohort. The classes are experiential and designed to assure that students have all the tools and support they need to go into private practice upon graduation.

To learn more and to REGISTER for the Special Needs Life Quality Coaching class, CONTACT US

How Do I Find a Special Needs Life Quality Coach?

Special Needs Life Quality Coaches run their own independent businesses and are often available to work around your schedule. We have expertly trained many of these specialized Coaches at TERI through our Course and can help you get connected to them. Contact us at to speak about it more.


Special Needs Life Quality Planning

To have a life of quality, you need a Life Quality Plan

Financial plans, trusts, wills, and futures plans are not enough to ensure the happiness and quality of life your loved ones deserve. If you have a family member with a disability, our 30 years of working with people like you and your loved one have taught us that:

You Worry about what will happen to your family member with a disability when you can no longer care for them and how future and present caregivers can learn ALL THE DETAILS about your child or adult’s needs and your family’s wishes for them.

You Want them to lead a happy, safe, and fulfilling life. You need a LIFE QUALITY PLAN to be certain this will happen. Take action now so that your family member with a disability will lead the life you have always dreamed they could – even if you are no longer able to help them.

TERI’s Life Quality Plans help protect the happiness and quality of life for your and your family. We ask you the questions and you answer them. There is no need to write a long document because we do this for you. We know what is important. We also write suggested GOALS so that what you work on now will have a direct connection to the future life goals.

Just a Phone Call is all it takes to develop a Life Quality Plan that will assure your loved one is secure and content throughout their lifespan. You know you need to do this, but will you really take the time? Our Life Quality Planners will do all the work for you, delivering a detailed plan at an affordable price. Start yours today: (760) 721-1706.


Standard Fee: $250

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As part of TERI’s Life Quality Planning, we can help you in the area of conservatorships. If your special needs child is near the age of 18 or already over the age of 18, then you should consider obtaining a limited conservatorship on behalf of your adult child. A Conservatorship is done for an adult who cannot take care of himself or herself physically (Conservatorship of the Person) and/or financially (Conservatorship of the Estate). A Limited Conservatorship is for developmentally disabled persons who are Regional Center consumers. A judge will choose another person or organization (called the “conservator”) to be in charge of the conservatee’s care or finances, or both. A conservator can be a family member, friend, or professional. Please view the video below for more information.

Special Needs Trusts

As part of TERI’s Life Quality Planning, we can help you in the area of trusts. The essential purpose of a Special Needs Trust is to improve the quality of an individual’s life without disqualifying him or her from eligibility to receive public benefits. Self-settled Special Needs Trusts are authorized under federal Social Security law and may be established by an individual’s spouse, parent, grandparent, legal guardian or the Court. A Special Needs Trust holds title to property for the benefit of a disabled child or adult. A Special Needs Trust can hold cash, stocks, personal property and real property. It can own and/or be the beneficiary of life insurance policies. The Special Needs Trust can be used to provide for the needs of a person with a disability and to supplement benefits received from various governmental assistance programs. Please view the video below for more information.